Friday, December 30, 2011

Questprobe - Become your favorite Marvel Character

What's the ad for?
Questprobe Marvel computer adventures
Spotted in

The Scoop
 Questprobe were a series of video games designed and released for the Commodore 64 and Atari systems. Three games were released along with comic book tie ins. The first game was released in 1984 and was based on the Hulk.

The next game, also released in 1984, featured The Amazing Spider-Man.
Finally in 1985 the third game, featuring the Human Torch and the Thing of the Fantastic Four was released. 
 Each release of a game was accompanied by the publication of a comic book.

There was plans for twelve games but during the production of the fourth game, one based on the X-Men, the company went bankrupt. It was all over in two quick years. The X-Men comic was already completed and found it's way into Marvel Fanfare #33. Interesting to note that this ad was published after the demise of Adventure International, the company ran by Scott Adams who developed the Questprobe games.

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