Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kenner Chip-Away Set

What's the ad for?
Chip-Away Set by Kenner
Spotted in...

The Scoop
This is great. Be an artist without the talent! Kenner brought the world of paint by number to the sculpting profession. Sculpting can be dangerous, with the sharp tools used to chip-away the hard rock. Now your child can make the same mess without the danger!
 Along with the three sets shown in the ad, a Flintstones set was also available which included Fred, Wilma with Pebbles and Dino. Sadly, no Barny or Wilma. Kenner released a lot of interesting toys in the seventies and that's not even including their Star Wars line. I will keep my eyes open for more Kenner ads and will post them here as I find them.

Did any of you receive a Chip-Away set for Christmas back in the seventies?

1 comment:

  1. I always wanted one of these things when I was a kid but never did get one.

    Wonder if they were worth a shit,


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