Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Secret Wars Action Figures

What's the ad for?
Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Action Figures.
Spotted in the inside back cover of...
The Scoop
We've featured ads about Marvels Secret Wars in the past and here is another. This time it's for the Secret Wars toy line from Mattel. One thing I don't understand is why Dr. Doom wants to make the earth into a living TOOOOOMB. What good what that be? Who wants to rule a living tomb. What is a living tooooomb anyway? Only thing I've heard of being refereed to as a living tomb is a sixteen years heart after a three-month break-up. Maybe that's Dr. Doom's problem. He just needs a rebound to soften his heart and get over his lost love...wait what?

1 comment:

  1. Those toys sucked! The DC Super Powers stuff was way better!

    Those holograph shields where so stupid,


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