Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Robots Clanky

What's the ad for?
The Robots Clanky for President comic book
Spotted in
Turok, Son of Stone, #100. Gold Key Comics
The scoop
Who is Robot Clanky and why should I have voted for him? This ad is similar to the recent Marvel Try-out book ad where a supplier is trying to unload unsold books. The Robot Clank for President book being sold during the 1972 election which gave America Nixon for the second straight term. I like "Rattles", Clanky's trusty robo-dog.

Maybe Clanky will come out of retirement and run in the next election (here in Canada an election could be coming this spring!). Maybe Clanky could unite the left...


  1. Here's a neat idea: Check out that address in Google maps

  2. It's a residential street. Some guy was most likely selling them out of his house. Ha...


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