Friday, April 15, 2011

Popeye the video game

What's the ad for?
Popeye the video game
Spotted in
Uncanny X-men #182, Marvel Comics
The scoop
Another Parker Brother advert to go along with Q*Bert and Frogger. Better known as a cartoon character, the beloved one-eyed, middle aged, funny talking, large forearmed sailor started out as a comic it's a video game based on a comic! When I was a preschooler there was two things I loved. Superman and Popeye. I was four and a half when I went to see Robert Altman's Popeye in the theatre. I loved it! The next Halloween I went dressed up as Popeye. My mom put skin coloured nylons on my arms and stuffed them with cotton to look like I had large forearms. She even drew anchor tattoos on them. My dad made a corncob pipe for me...out of a real corncob! I have a picture of me in costume somewhere. Man, did I ever have cool parents.

Anyway, this is about a video game. I never played it. You can try it here.... pretty lame.

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