Friday, July 15, 2011

House Ad - The 1970's - Superman Family #200

From 1979. Oh pre-Crisis DC...these Superman Family stories were ridiculous but I loved them as a kid. Listen to these story synopsis pulled from

Synopsis for "Unhappy Anniversary"

Lois Kent discovers she is pregnant, and, since she wanted to resume her reporting career, is driven to tears by the turn of events. Laura Kent, in the meantime, finally starts exhibiting super-powers. Clark solves the problem for Lois by saying he will give up his reporting career, though not his fatherly or superheroic ones, and Lois will be allowed to be the reporter in the family. They are reconciled in time for a wedding anniversary party attended by all their longtime friends and colleagues

Synopsis for "The Thief at Sky's Edge!"

Lucy Lane-Olsen loses a statuette intended as an anniversary gift for Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and Jimmy decides to retrace her trip to see if he will be victimized by the same thieves who took it.

Synopsis for "Clark Kent's Frantic Fan"

While his daughter Laura is finally manifesting super-powers, Clark Kent is victimized by an elderly “fan”.

Synopsis for "Something Swims the Time Stream"

Superwoman, now Governor Linda Danvers of Florida, goes back through the time-stream and films highlights in the relationship of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, intending to give them the film as an anniversary gift, since both of them are married. However, she encounters a Time Beast which preys on travelers in the time-stream. Since she cannot effectively destroy it due to its ability to manipulate the time-flow around itself, Supergirl flees, luring the creature to the very edge of time. The Time Beast then rapidly ages and dies. Superwoman returns to her native time with the film.

Next week are house ads from the eighties.

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