Thursday, January 19, 2012

Operation Wolf

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Operation Wolf for the NES
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As a kid I used to sneak into an arcade called Fridays to play Operation Wolf. It was a unique game for it's time as you played the game by shooting a life-sized Uzi!

Friday's was the only arcade in town that had Operation Wolf. The arcade was dark and had loud music playing. It was the"older kids" arcade. I mean, you could probably buy pot from somebody there.
(see photo below)
. As a result our folks didn't allow us to go there.We had to go to the arcade attached to the comic shop. It was an okay arcade but after awhile you get tired of playing Contra and Double Dragon. We wanted to play the new games, games like Operation Wolf. I was pretty happy to see the game come out on the NES...yet it wasn't quiet the same. Maybe it was the added danger of playing the game in the older kids arcade.

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  1. We had Operation Wolf in our town down at the bowling ally. The bowling ally had a big game room for all the kids who's parents were bowling in the leagues but there were always older folks gaming too. I remember it had a ash tray screwed in to its case and it was always full of butts. That was an awesome game and reminded me of Chuck in Missing in Action! I loved using that grenade launchers and watching those guys fly. I think this was the first arcade game that had an uzi so it made it extra cool. The home version, like all console games made after the arcade, was a bit different and just not as fun.

    Great memories!

    I think that same guys hung out at the bowling ally in my town as well.


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