Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spider-Man meets June Jitsui!

What's the ad for?
Spotted in

The Scoop
As requested by a reader, here is an ad for a Hostess product called Twinkies. I think we all know what a Twinkie is and I think we all remember these ads featured in both Marvel and DC comics. I know Curt Swan did a lot of the art in the DC ads but what about Marvel ones such as this one? Mike Esposito perhaps? And how about the villain June Jitsui? Besides having a cleaver name she actually appeared in Marvel continuity thanks to an issue of Fin Fang Four Return! The appearance is described below. Courtesy of  http://www.marvunapp.com.
"The robot Elektro, mistakenly identified as a villain and arrested, was ushered into the prison's S-Wing where he met various past Spider-Man villains, including June Jitsui. Later, inspired by Elektro's defiance, she and the other inmates of S-Wing smashed their way out only to be subdued by the prison guards using sedation foam."


  1. That's what I'm talkin' about! Bring on the Twinkies and hot chicks who kick high!

    MMMMMMM, good!

    Check out this parody on the same subject.


  2. Man, that is a funny parody. I've never seen that one. June Jitsui is kinda hot...it's the hair.


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