Sunday, February 27, 2011

Not an ad but...

Okay, so this is not an advert but I wanted to share it nonetheless. I found this while digging through my long-boxes looking for some issues to bring down to the Emerald City Comic Con to get signed next weekend.

I know you recognize the cover but do you know the language? It's Hungarian! I found this issue and another one (with the cover of Uncanny X-men 201 plus 205) at a flea market in Budapest in the winter of 1999. I thought it was too cool to pass up so I bought for less than a dollar and proceeded to carry the comic in my backpack for the next few months.

This issue contains Uncanny X-men # 137 as well as Phoenix the Untold story. It also contains no ads and the cover is made of card-stock. Interesting. Happy Sunday!

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