Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Levi's Poster Kit

I have a box of old comics from when I was a kid. I've mentioned it in a previous post. Reader comics I call them. No bags, no boards. Does anyone else have one? I've got 1500+ comics in bags and boards and then this one short box of yellowed comics that have been read who knows how many times. In that box is a ratty copy of Ewoks #3, Star (Marvel) Comics, 1985.

Does anyone remember the old Levi`s commercial from the mid-eighties? I remember it playing during Saturday morning cartoons. I always liked the Tarzan guy at the end. What the hell is a Klyddian warlord?

Anyway for only $4.75 you could get a poster featuring all the characters from the aforementioned commercial. It must have been a popular spot for them to make a coloring poster. To me it just seems odd to market jeans to children because that is who they are marketing to. A coloring poster in a comic for preteens? I can`t think of another jeans company let alone clothing company that markets to children these days. Or maybe I`m just that unfashionable. Who knows, I get most of my clothes from rock shows.

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  1. Argh...I forgot to add a link to the Rob Liefeld Levi's commercial. It's a classic. That man sure knows how to draw pouches...


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