Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OJ ads

These bad boys were found in Marvel Super Action # 20, 1980. Where do I start with this one? So we have two ads featuring the same sports star of the one issue. I was only four at the time, plus in Canada it was all Gretzky, all the time. I knew OJ was big, but two sponsored ads in one comic. The dude was everywhere. So first off we have an ad for Dingo leather boots. I wonder if they made leather gloves too? Next is Spot-bilt sport shoes. What`s with all the footwear? I guess he knew he`d be on the run someday. Okay, I gotta stop myself. This is too easy. So the funnest thing I found while looking online was a dude ranting about how crazy the Dingo ad is what he wrote,

1. Although OJ was traded by the Bills to the 49ers and played there for a couple seasons ('78-'79), they never played a team with green and white colors (like the Eagles or Jets) during the regular season. So that first panel is a boo - boo. Unless it is a pre-season game!
2. How in the hell were two kids allowed to just walk into the Niners' locker room??
3. How did OJ change so fast from the 2nd to 3rd panel?
4. Did OJ forget his last name when he signed that autograph? OR,
5. How ticked off would YOU be if OJ signed his moniker "OJ Dingo"? I mean, how valueless is that autograph now?? And who in the hell would believe you if you tried to convince them it really was OJ Simpson that signed it?

Right. Ah you gotta love the internet

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