Monday, January 31, 2011

Life Savers, Circle of disapointment

Found this in Blackhawk 254, from DC comics. 1983. I was never a fan of this series but somehow have a single issue sitting in my reader box, which is a box of old comics I had as a bags, no boards. The ad is in itself nothing special. What is special, or should I say annoying is the maze. Let`s say you found a copy of Amazing Spider-Man 238 featuring the first appearance of the Hobgoblin. It`s in great shape, what a score. Then while flipping through the book you come across this ad...and it`s been solved. That means written in. There goes the value of that book...Okay, so now you've all seen my geeky side, but to all the collectors out there, haven`t you run across this ad and it`s been filled in by some kid? Were you that kid?

Lets go back to Lifesavers for a moment. Do you know what the first flavor was? Pep-O-Mint. Mr Clarence Crane wanted to create a candy that would survive the summer heat...So on a hot summer day Mr Crane pronounced..."Let there be candy...with a hole in the middle. Tweet, Tweet, Twiddle, Twiddle."


  1. That very thing you described did happen to me!

    But the kid who filled it out was Abraham Lincoln, and he signed the page (for some reason).

    I made a fortune.


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