Monday, January 10, 2011

Evil-Eye Evader

What's the ad for?
Evil-Eye Evader
Spotted in

The Scoop
You never know when someone, somewhere is giving you the evil-eye, so be pro-active and protect yourself.

 Yeah because they might think your crazy...
 Don't try to change your life for the better, it's not your fault your life stinks. It's all those evil eyes, strangers are giving you.
 Now this is a brilliant marketing ploy. With this free book, you'll be able to hex others, making it necessary for them to buy an Evil-Eye Evader too!
Okay, $6.66? Maybe this is why you don't see more Evil-Eye Evaders around...not that they would tell you they have one. The person that clips a coupon out of a comic book to order a trinket to protect them from the evil eye is also the same person that will avoid purchases totaling six dollars and sixty six freaking cents. There goes that business venture...

Click here for actual pictures.


  1. I was wondering how they got away with offering the double-your-money-back guarantee, until I realized that to request a refund, the purchaser would be telling someone that he had been using the Evil-Eye Evader, thus voiding the agreement.

  2. Brilliant...I never thought about that angle. Ha!


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