Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Zorcom Audio Adventure

What's the ad for?
Zorcom Audio Adventure
Spotted in

The Scoop
What...the...hell? That was my first thought that came to mind when I came across this ad while recently.  I thought Castle Mammon was a bit crazy with it's telephone audio RPG. This here is just a cassette tape of an...adventure? From what I can find out, which isn't much, the tape adventure accompanied by the sounds of spacey synths. I really tried to find a sample of the tape online but came up empty handed. It looks like the Sound Trek originally came with a cool Zorcom Space Ship. Maybe when they ran out of ships they thought that two badly drawn sci-fi posters would suffice. Believe it or not I just saw one of those space ships selling on eBay for $300! Not that it's worth that much. Just because you try to sell something for an outrageous price, doesn't mean it's worth that much.


  1. found a copy! - CRASH DDZ

    1. Wuzzup? I'm the one who posted the audio from the ZORCOM cassette. Glad people like it, but I didn't realize it was so rare, ha! I do have the original cassette in great condition and selling it on eBay (the only one who is). I disagree with this blogger that ZORCOM stuff is not worth much. These items are very scarce and that raises their collector value. BTW, the U-Control Flying Ghost is worth thousands, wish I had one :) Anyway, if there are collectors interested in buying the original tape, let me know. Thankz.

  2. Thanks for sharing the audio. It's cool to hear it. You can try to sell something for $300 but it only becomes worth that much if someone buys it. Good luck.


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