Friday, January 21, 2011

Personalized G.I. Joe Figure!

How cool is this one? A personalized G.I. Joe figure! Well actually the only thing personalized was the file-card as children were asked asked what type of team member they were and what was they're weapon of choice. The figure consisted of repainted parts of other cannibalized Joe figures. There were numerous versions made over the years but the one featured in the ad above was composed of Airborne's torso, Scrap-Iron's legs, Gung-Ho's waist and Flash's arms At least the badge was cool...right?

Hmm, which GI Joe hero are you?

Thanks to for the invaluable information.


  1. Had it! I remember his name was War-Pig and he was the baddest Joe I had. That us until I got the Cobra Rattler and all War-Pig was good for was rattling gun fodder for Wild Weasle.


  2. Nice. I had the Rattler as well. War-Pig eh? Were you a Black Sabbath fan as a child ;) What did you do with all your old toys? Are they still around? I sold a big box of old GI Joe stuff to a guy and his kid a couple years back. I'm sure they made good use of them.


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